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Student Special!

We Are Proud To Preset Our Student Package!

Exclusively for high school and college students.
*** For ONLY $45, get a monthly unlimited package & a packet of lotion! ***
*** Bring a friend new to Spirit Of Beauty and get a week added to your package FREE! ***
*** Buy any lotion bottle and get a week added to your package FREE! ***
Go into ANY bed of your choice, it’s special package to help you get tan without breaking the bank!
You MUST be 17+ in order to tan, if you are 17 your parent’s have to sign a release form!
PLEASE bring a valid form of ID to prove that you are a student!

Tanning Specials!

— New clients get their first tan in any bed of their choice + lotion cup FREE!
— Buy a lotion bottle and get 50% OFF your tanning package!

Skin Care Specials!

— Get 30% OFF your first facial!
— Get a FREE face and lip mask bundle when you get ANY facial!
— All skin care products 10% OFF!

Take Care Of Your Skin!

Get ready for any occasion with Spirit Of Beauty Spa! Call and make an appointment to get a facial from our esthetician to refresh your skin and make it GLOW. Pick up a bundle that has been pre selected by our esthetician for all the different skin types, satisfying all your needs at an affordable cost for products which work wonders and will definitely not leave you disappointed.

Current Estheticians Recommendations:

Summer season is here and slimming down to get that beach body ready is now not just a goal but a need. Come on in and get some ‘Sauna Blanket’ sessions to help you burn some unwanted fat and detoxify your lymphatic system! You will look and feel better, everyone will be wondering what you did to look so good.