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Student Special!

We Are Proud To Preset Our Student Package!

Exclusively for high school and college students.
*** For ONLY $35, get a monthly unlimited package & a cup of lotion! ***
*** Bring a friend new to Spirit Of Beauty and get a week added to your package FREE! ***
*** Buy any lotion bottle and get a week added to your package FREE! ***
Go into ANY bed of your choice, it’s a special package to help you get tan without breaking the bank!
According to the NY state law, you MUST be 18+ in order to tan!!!
PLEASE bring a valid form of student ID to prove that you are a student!

Tanning Specials!

On top of our great prices we are having awesome AMAZING deals that you don’t want to miss out on!

—   ALL Monthly Tanning Packages 25% OFF!
—   50% OFF ALL Lotion Bottles!

Skin Care Specials!

—   All New Body Treatment Fat Removal Combination! $149
Includes an all new laser which breaks up all the stubborn fat cells in any area of the body. Additionally you are getting the combination of  RF + Ultrasonic + Cavitation, and a session of the sauna blanket.
This treatment has a value of over $417 You’re saving $268!

—   An All New No Down Time Fractional Laser Treatment! $250

This is a new technology of fractional lasers that has no downtime which the normal fractional laser has. There is no shedding like the normal fractional laser. Best part is, you get the same results as the regular laser!
You’re Saving $109!

—   SWiCH Peel $100
This is a unique alternative to the traditional peel, you will not experience the shedding which normal peels leave you having to deal with. It helps restore the skin to it’s optimum appearance redefining how we care for damaged skin.
You’re Saving $45!

—   HIFU skin Tightening Treatment! $150
A great minimally invasive treatment when you want to minimize the appearance of saggy skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.
You’re Saving $99!

—   FREE RF Skin Tightening Treatment When You Get The IPL Skin Rejuvenating Laser Treatment! $179
A fantastic treatment helping you minimize acne, rosacea, or hyper-pigmentation of the face or any other part of the body. It promotes the reduction of pore size and can even skin tone by removing pigmentation left behind by acne scarring. This is a fantastic treatment that anyone can benefit from.
You’re Saving $149!

—   FREE LED Light Treatment when you Get The 24K Gold Facial $200
A great combination treatment to give your skin that extra boost it needs during the dry winter season. Awesome before any party or special even as it leaves your skin hydrated and plump, making you looking radiant and feeling refreshed!
You’re Saving $139 On LED Light Treatment $ $49 On Your 24K Gold Facial!

—   Vine・Vera Product Bundle Usually $1,900 Now ONLY $800.
An amazing bundle of products helping your skin appear younger and tighter in just moments. Definitely a great gift for a special someone who likes to take good care of their skin.
You Are Saving $1,100!

—   All Skin Care Products 30% OFF!

Hurry and make an appointment today while these AMAZING deals last!

Take Care Of Your Skin!

Get ready for any occasion with Spirit Of Beauty Spa! Call and make an appointment to get a facial from our esthetician to refresh your skin and make it GLOW. Pick up a bundle that has been pre selected by our esthetician for all the different skin types, satisfying all your needs at an affordable cost for products which work wonders and will definitely not leave you disappointed.

Current Esthetician Recommendations:

Weather is getting colder and with it comes time to really start caring for your skin. Colder temperatures tend to dry your skin out so moisturizing well is a good idea. Try out a Black Doll facial or a laser treatment to help your skin look and feel better.
Take advantage of our awesome sales on the Fractional laser treatment and our anti-aging moisturizing facials that will refresh and renew your ski.
Take advantage of our deals for skin care bundles from Circadia, it’s a great skin care company that gives you the results you are looking for!